School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap)

District scholarships, bursaries and endowments

Due to the generosity of our community, SD83 has a number of district scholarships to offer to our students.

This page and links are under construction so please bear with us until we can get all the information together! However, criteria and amounts of each district scholarship are available by clicking on the name of the scholarship.

The following scholarships are for all graduating students in SD83 and are decided by a district scholarship committee or by an outside donor. To learn more about these scholarships, please click on the name of the scholarship:

Vi Howard Memorial

Chas Clarke Memorial

Maude Agar Memorial

Regan MacAlpine Memorial

Chauncy J. Phillips Endowment

David Stratton Memorial Bursary

Margaret and Ronald Willey Memorial – Education training in field of veterinary medicine or animal care

Margaret and Ronald Willey Memorial – Outstanding aptitude in history, literature and education

Porteous/Mullen Endowment

Ralph and Jean Smith Memorial

Salmon Arm Folk Music Society Fine Arts Development Scholarship

Tom Brush Memorial

Pearson Music Scholarship

Judith Anderson Memorial Scholarship

French Scholarships – students apply at their high schools for these awards

Federal French Scholarship – one at $500 for A.L. Fortune
Federal French Scholarship – one at $500 for Pleasant Valley Secondary School
Federal French Scholarship – one at $500 for Eagle River Secondary School
Federal French Scholarship – two at Salmon Arm Secondary School
Federal French/SD83 Bursary – two at $250 at Salmon Arm Secondary School
SD83 French Immersion Excellence – two at $250 at Salmon Arm Secondary School
SD83 French Immersion Excellence in memory of Madame Verlinden – one at $500

District Authority Scholarship

Each year the Ministry of Education designates a certain amount of funds for district authority awards. This year SD83 has 59 awards for graduating students throughout our district. District authority awards are not necessarily about academic excellence but rather outstanding achievement in certain areas such as:

  • Indigenous Languages and Culture
  • Fine Arts (Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, or Music)
  • Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (Business, Technology, Home Economics, Information and Communication Technology)
  • Physical Activity (not limited to Physical Education)
  • International Languages
  • Community Service (Volunteering)
  • Technical and Trades Training (Carpentry, Automotive, Mechanics, Chef’s Training)
  • Students apply through their school.

2023 Awards – 59 in total (awards available determined by number of graduates)
A.L. Fortune
Eagle River Secondary
Pleasant Valley Secondary
Salmon Arm Secondary

To apply for these awards, students must complete an application questionnaire, create a cover letter, resume and two reference letters, and do a ten minute presentation to a panel about your interest/achievement. School recommendations are sent to the Ministry, who confirms that the selected students have meet basic criteria and then sends these confirmed recipients a $1,250 scholarship voucher. They may redeem this voucher with the Ministry to be reimbursed for tuition paid after they are attending a post-secondary institution that is designated by the Province of B.C. (i.e., approved for Canada Student Loans) or a program provider that is approved by the Industry Training Authority.  The District/Authority Scholarships are a way to recognize that success at school is more than just academic; it can include other skills and talents as well. Further information about this can be found on our high school websites or school counsellors.


Indigenous Education Scholarships

These awards are chosen by the Indigenous Education Department. For further info please talk to your school’s Indigenous Education Worker (IEW)

Doug Pearson Scholarship – $500

First Nations Education Council Scholarships (two)

School specified scholarships (funds managed at a district level)

With this group of scholarships, donors have, in their deed of gift with Shuswap Community Foundation or SD83 has specified a school for the award winner or there is enough funding to have a scholarship at each high school. You can read about these scholarships by clicking on the name, but please apply through your high school.

Charlotte Hunter Memorial

Bill Ladner Memorial

Brad Jackson Scholarship

Centennial Reunion Scholarship

Dearing Family Endowment

Muriel Barnard Memorial – Female student of Carlin or Sorrento

Muriel Barnard Memorial – Male student of Carlin or Sorrento

Glenn and Judy Borthistle Award

Tyson Henderson Scholarship Fund

Stephen Heal Memorial Scholarship

Erik Anderson/CP Rail Science and Tech Bursary

Class of ’77 David MacKay Memorial Scholarship

Dorothy Longdo Memorial Bursary

Fowler/Gomme Family Endowment

Frank and Rita Smuin Memorial Bursary

Hana & Glen Larson Endowment

Morris Bursary for Excellence in Mathematics

Nayki/Greer Family Endowment

Porteous/Mullen Bursary Endowment

Salmon Arm Kinsmen/Kinette

Shane Gorner Memorial

Shuswap Volunteer Fireman’s Association Cody Davis Memorial

Walter Ellaschuk Memorial

Doris Farquhar Memorial

We also have some generous donors that are supporting students in other ways. Read more about these funds here:

The Lisa Roland Children’s Literacy Fund

Dearing Family Endowment

Salmon Arm Secondary Athletic Endowment Fund

Funds growing equity

Some funds are growing equity and will be awarded in upcoming years:

Loyolla Elliott Memorial

Salmon Arm Metis Association Bursary – Grad 2024

Arthur Channer Award

Susan Latimer Memorial

Sholinder Family Endowment – Grad 2024

Please note schools also have information on additional scholarships. Please check with your high school for further information.