School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap)

Board Committees

Committee Chair - Trustee Marianne VanBuskirk

Committee Mandate
To bring together District educational leadership to discuss and review educational directions, and to provide recommendations to the Board on all educational matters.

Education Directions – Terms of Reference

Committee Chair - Trustee Amanda Krebs

Committee Mandate
1. To provide recommendations to the Board on all financial, facility and audit-related issues.
2. To ensure that the District is in compliance with the financial provisions of the School Act and all related Ministry Regulations.
3. To provide oversight of all operational and business functions of the District, including:
a) financial reporting and budgets
b) property and facility management
c) coordination of legal matters (other than those that relate to personnel)
d) transportation and safety
e) internal and external audits
f) risk management and internal controls

Finance & Facilities / Audit – Terms of Reference

Budget Committee - Terms of Reference

Transportation Committee - Terms of Reference

Committee Chair - Trustee Quentin Bruns

Committee Mandate
To provide recommendations to the Board on issues that pertain to Human Resources.

The Board believes that our employees are the District’s most important resource, and that workplace safety, professional development, career advancement and the overall health and wellness of all employees are of prime importance.

Labour Relations – Terms of Reference

Committee Chair – Trustee Marty Gibbons

Committee Mandate
To bring together, on an ongoing basis, partner groups, senior staff, and the Trustee Representative to have informal discussions about how to support the District and as an advocate for public education provincially and to provide the Board with recommendations on all matters discussed.

Partner Group Liaison – Terms of Reference

Committee Chair – Trustee Tennile Lachmuth

Committee Mandate
To assist in the development, management and review of Board Policies. 

The Policy Committee shall have jurisdiction to consider and make recommendations to the Board on matters assigned to them or on other matters within their terms of reference.

Policy – Terms of Reference

Committee Chair – Board Chairperson Amanda Krebs

Committee Mandate
To provide a forum for informal consideration and focus on a specific topic or issue. 

To allow ample time for trustees to receive reports and obtain information/input from administrative staff to ensure all trustees are well-informed and share a common level of understanding on a particular topic.

To allow for in-depth discussion on specific topics prior to recommending Board action.

Committee of the Whole – Terms of Reference

Latest Committee of the Whole Meeting Recording

May 30, 2022 - Early Learning & Indigenous Education