School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap)

Literacy Intervention

Seven years ago the district implemented an intensive early intervention program for grade 1 students.

As the district was able, the literacy intervention program was expanded.  Currently the program is at Highland Park, South Broadview, Salmon Arm West, M.V. Beattie, Hillcrest Elementary, and Parkview Elementary as well as Carlin Elementary Middle School.

Each of these schools has a highly trained reading interventionist specialist who works  individually (1 on 1) with students that are identified as needing reading intervention.  Each student receives over 70 individualized lessons with a reading interventionist teacher.

We know that one of the best indicators of a student’s life success (life trajectory) is if they can read at grade level by grade 3.  The intent of our program is to work with students who are not at grade level, work with them to get them to grade level, and then equip them with the early reading skills that then persist and allow the student to remain at grade level.

The district has tracked every student who has been a part of the program.  Currently our data shows us that 70% of the students who receive this early intervention ‘stay at or above grade level’ in following years.

In addition to our early literacy intervention program the school district is working on additional programs and supports for students at older grades.  Currently the district has a program at Shuswap Middle School and have just started (March, 2018) a program at Eagle River Secondary.

At middle school, students who have had the opportunity to work with the Levelled Literacy Intervention program gain between one and three years of reading during one year of intervention.  The district is very pleased with the results, and “graduate” students when they reach a grade 5.5 reading level.  This level is chosen as research demonstrates that students who can read at this level have the literacy necessary to be successful in our society. It is very rewarding to see the progress our students make when the skills they learned in elementary school are paired with the intensive intervention at the middle school level.