Cleaning up anxiety!

After the strong message of stay at home to stay safe, there was some anxiety in many places around the school district with the “re-start” of in-class learning.

At Salmon Arm West Elementary School this anxiety level was lowered by their custodian, who cleaned up and cleared up much of it!

“Connie Schikowski is our custodian,” explains Principal David Wellingham. “Connie has really lowered the anxiety level of staff, especially these first few days back at school, because she keeps everything so clean and organized.  She is always willing to chip in and immediately follows through on any additional tasks that come up.  Connie has always gone above and beyond in her cleaning.”

Not only that, but when staff and students returned to school it looked almost brand new! “During the seven weeks the school was shut down she cleaned everything, the blinds, window sills, under sinks, floors, you name it – all spotless and welcoming.”

On Tuesday, June 2, Wellingham says, Connie was invited to come outside during lunch break.  “She thought something was wrong and wanted to bring her cleaning supplies,” laughs Wellingham.

 Instead she found a nice chair for her to sit on, along with a crown and Queen of Clean sash (made by teacher Dana McEwan) and a beautiful basket of flowers.
“All joking aside, we wanted to thank her for doing such great work.  We really appreciate her and feel thankful she is on team Salmon Arm West.”