Making lemonade . . . or at least painting and sodding!

The disruption in all aspects of our community and school settings has been challenging these past months. 

Principal Jeff Abbott reports at Grindrod Elementary School, the staff decided to make “lemonade” out of the “lemons” and saw the closure of school as an opportunity to improve the learning site for their students.

The school was already scheduled for a school-wide interior painting project. Staff also decided to put the time to good use working on organizing and upgrading learning materials, and to further enhance the school’s substantial gardens and outdoor learning spaces by putting down sod.

The school wide interior painting project began in May, and of course, it was in the middle of this project when it was announced that in-class instruction would begin in June.

Abbott commented the staff pulled together to put classrooms back together, with Ian Richardson and Cam Duford hauling furniture and waxing floors to get the school ready for students. Justine Berndt, Dianne Sterling and Brooklyn Hay worked on bringing life back to our bulletin boards with some amazing displays and touch ups. Also, the paint team of Will Pearson and James Postill worked double speed to get the main learning areas and hallways painted before students returned on June 1. “This was a terrific team effort,” he added.

He said the support staff also put in many hours at the school organizing and upgrading learning materials and some also worked on the school garden upgrade. 

With school reopening coming up quickly, the district and school staff coordinated their efforts and, with the help of school bus drivers Rob and Kerry Aylard, Rod Butts and Kevin Greene, school CEAs Tanya Timoffee, Lori Scanlon and Sheila Young, teacher Dallas Mould and two students Ben and David Aylard they were able to help prep the site and put down 3,200 square feet of sod.

Abbott wants to thank all his support staff, the paint crew and these volunteers for the tremendous effort they’ve made to see these projects through.  “What a difference it has made to the learning environment for our students.”