Info on snow days!

Many are wondering if there will be school tomorrow. At this time it is expected school will be in session.

As always, if parents have safety concerns they can choose whether or not to send their child(ren) to school.

If it becomes necessary to close the schools, information will be posted on the District’s website and though social media channels, as well as notifying local media.


  1. Donna

    The roads are horrendous!.. It makes much more sense to call a snow day in the morning when parents may have to scramble for care rather than making a decision the night before and giving patents a chance to prepare for care if needed! NOT!!! News flash..the roads are not going to get any better over night!!!

  2. Amanda

    I would prefer to know now rather than at 6am when I’m waking kids up to catch the bus. We are on a rural road and it can be sketchy on the best of days! Dont see how waiting until morning is better than realizing now that weather is bad and roads are horrible. Nobody should be driving as of now! Let alone a school bus full of kids. But may be my decision in the morning if I have safety concerns?

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