School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap)

Communicable Disease/COVID Info & Resources

The Board of Education of School District No. 83 is committed to ensuring all of our schools are safe. Having students in the classroom helps to minimize learning gaps and provide the academic, social and emotional supports essential for learning.

SD83’s Communicable Disease Safety Plan is available. The purpose of this document is to provide School District No. 83 staff, parents, students, and visitors with important information that is required to help prevent communicable disease.

In meeting the Ministry of Education’s overarching principles for the COVID-19 response, School District No. 83 will be following these principles with respect to health and safety:

• All schools and facilities will adhere to the standards, guidelines, and direction from the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) and WorkSafeBC.

• In collaboration with education partners, the Ministry may develop additional health and safety requirements for all schools to ensure consistency across the K-12 system. These additions will enhance, not duplicate, PHO and WorkSafeBC requirements.

• Psychological safety measures and trauma-informed practice will be valued and implemented alongside physical health and safety measures.

• Effective communication with all community partners, parents, caregivers, students, unions, and employees is an essential aspect of successfully implementing these guidelines.

For more information on health and safety standards for K-12 schools, plus accurate, timely information about schools, programs and educational services, including regularly updated frequently asked questions in multiple languages, visit:   

Health Awareness, BCCDC Resources and COVID-19 Information

To reduce the likelihood of an individual with a communicable disease coming to a school or school district site when infectious, students, staff and other adults (e.g. parents/visitors/etc.) are required to practice Health Awareness prior to entering the building. Health Awareness means checking for symptoms of illness (including but not limited to COVID-19 symptoms) and not coming to school when sick. 

Visitors should be aware of the communicable disease prevention plan personal practices, which include: 

  • check for symptoms of illness and stay home if sick
  • wearing a mask or face covering is a personal choice
  • practice hand hygiene often
  • practice respiratory etiquette
  • respect personal space
  • avoid sharing items that come into contact with the mouth (e.g. food, drinks, utensils, etc)

Travellers entering Canada must follow testing and quarantine requirements, visit for more info. Please continue to check for the latest updates.

Click HERE for BCCDC Resources for testing, self-management, self-isolation/self-monitoring and close contacts.

Click HERE​ for information on Ventilation.

​​Health, Safety & Operational Guidance

The following resources provide detailed information regarding the updated COVID-19 guidelines for K-12 schools: 

Personal Protective Equipment (Mask Wearing)

SD83 is a mask friendly district! The decision to wear a mask or face covering is a personal choice, and one that should be supported and treated with respect.

Vaccine Information

According to public health, vaccines are the most effective way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in schools and communities. Public health and School District No. 83 continue to strongly encourage those able to be fully vaccinated to protect themselves and those around them. 

Visit How to get vaccinated for COVID-19 to register for a vaccine appointment. 

​Additional B.C. Government Resources

WorkSafeBC information:

For the latest medical updates, including case counts, prevention, risks and testing, visit:
Or follow @CDCofBC on Twitter.

For the provincial health officer’s orders, notices and guidance, visit:

For non-health related information, including financial, child care and education supports, travel, transportation and essential service information, visit: