Schools take part in music challenges

With the pandemic interfering with typical school concerts, music teachers have switched to other creative “replacement projects”. Some schools are taking part in music challenges. For example, Bastion Elementary entered the annual Canadian Music Class Challenge and Hillcrest entered the Canadian Music Playlist Challenge.

Each September, CBC Music in association with MusiCounts — the charity of the Juno Awards — launches a contest to engage music classes across the country with Canadian music. It’s called The Canadian Music Class Challenge. A list of Canadian songs is published, then music teachers pick one and teach their classes a cover version. It can be a note-for-note cover, or they can make it something completely their own. Performances are posted here and three judges choose six winners. Each winner will receive a classroom recording kit valued at $5,000.
Bastion’s Seed in the Ground
Bastion’s Like A Flower to the Sun

Over at Hillcrest five classes took part in the the Canadian Music Playlist Challenge. It is a project where classes build playlists of different themes using Canadian music. This project-based initiative requires no singing or music instruments to compete, and students can participate whether working from home, or at school. 

The Playlist Challenge has two components: First, the free learning resource, or “lesson plan.” This guide introduces students to themes of Canadian and Indigenous identity, and our musical heritage, as explored through the Juno Awards. 

The project culminates in a series of activities that teachers can use to build their classes’ custom Canadian music playlist. The playlist should be a reflection of the unique character of your school, region and students’ interests. Teachers can upload their class playlist to a special CBC website for all Canadians to enjoy. Read more here

Check out Hillcrest’s entries below and they challenge you to listen to their playlists and check out some great Canadian music.