More brain bikes coming to schools

Shuswap Rotary is helping schools bring 19 more Brain Bikes into SD83 schools and they should arrive before the holiday break. For those who haven’t seen them, brain bikes help in numerous ways to get the brain primed for learning.

Since 2015, Shuswap Rotary has cost shared with schools to bring over one hundred brain bikes into SD83 schools. The feedback from teachers and students has been overwhelmingly positive. Brain bikes help to get students in the zone for learning either by using the bikes as a quick brain break or using the bikes while learning, like Isla (pictured on left) at M.V. Beattie, who is moving while learning!

Schools placed orders for the additional 19 brain bikes this spring. Unfortunately, due to the COVID -19 pandemic, the order had to be cancelled. The order has now gone through and eight schools should be receiving their new bikes in the near future!

Thank you to Shuswap Rotary, for all your support.