Drivers passing buses when red lights are flashing

Drivers passing buses when red lights are flashing

SD83 would like to ask drivers to PLEASE be extra careful around our school buses and schools.

In just 15 days, more than 25 vehicles have passed school buses when the red lights are flashing.

School District No. 83 Transportation Manager Andrea Kathrein comments the incidents are very scary as the flashing red lights means that students are either loading or unloading from the school bus. “Drivers passing the buses during this time are putting our children at risk.”

“Motorists should not need to be reminded to obey the law, but every day drivers are “running” school bus red flashing lights.”

“Please slow down when you see the flashing yellow lights on a school bus and STOP when you see the flashing red lights.” 

Kathrein reports there were 25 red light runners in the span of 15 operating days (Sept 8 to 29).  “Our numbers had gone down to just nine red light runners in the span of 18 operating days last year before COVID hit.”

To help raise awareness SD83 will be asking interested staff and parents to share social media posts raising awareness around school bus safety. There will also be ads in various media, some coffee cup sleeves available, and notices being posted on community bulletin boards.

She adds that “red light runner” cameras are now on some SD83 school buses, and as they are able they will be adding more. She noted that local RCMP have also been very supportive in following up on these incidents.