Congratulations retirees!

Congratulations retirees!

The Board of Education of School District No. 83 would like express its appreciation for your service and best wishes in the future to all those who are retiring this year.

The Board would also like to express thanks to retiring Assistant Superintendent Carl Cooper for his exceptional educational leadership. They’d also like to recognize several long time employees retiring this year including Barb Hillson, who is retiring after 35 years with the district, Paul Britton and Gail Crane with 33 years, Karen Ngai with 31 years, and Debbie Brown with 30.

“Thanks to each and every one of our retirees for your hard work and dedication to our students. Your commitment to this district is much appreciated. Congratulations on your retirement,” comments Board Chairperson Amanda Krebs.

Name (Job position retiring from/year started with the district)

Eberle Balfour (Salmon Arm West learning resource teacher/2015)
Shelley Bircsak (Salmon Arm West bus monitor/2006)
Paul Britton (Pleasant Valley Secondary teacher/1987)
Debbie Brown (Armstrong Elementary clerical/1990)
Margaret Chaffee (Sorrento CEA/2019)
Brent Chudiak (SAS – Jackson teacher/2000)
Pam Chudiak (A.L. Fortune vice-principal/2000)
Carl Cooper (SD83 assistant-superintendent/1994)
Gail Crane (SAS Sullivan clerical/1987)
Alison Dennis (A.L. Fortune learning resource teacher/1993)
Brian Essington (SD83 carpenter/1998
Sherri Field (A.L. Fortune teacher/2001)
Keith Hanna (SD83 plumber/2000)
Barb Hillson (SAS Sullivan CEA/1985)
Stephen Holmes (SAS Sullivan teacher/1994)
Julie Larsen (teacher/1994)
Nancy Kolkind (SD83 speech language pathologist/1997)
Heather Milton (Parkview Elementary teacher/2006)
Karen Ngai (SAS Sullivan CEA/1989)
Janice Ross (Ranchero CEA/2011)
Debi Schafhauser (A.L. Fortune CEA/1996)
Bev Snow (SD83 building services/OHS manager/1994)
Richard Sweet (SAS – Jackson teacher/1996)
Olivia Taylor (Armstrong Elementary CEA/2007)
Dory Tessel (Grindrod clerical/2006)
Alex Varga (SAS – Sullivan teacher/1995)
Wendy Woodhurst (Shuswap Middle School principal/1993)


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