Natural tree blocks

They may look like pieces of trees . . . okay they are pieces of trees . . . but they are also for fun and learning!

A teacher on staff at Sorrento Elementary School, Camille Kellie, likes to have many natural elements in her classroom for her young students. She has tree stumps to sit on, woven baskets and many other things from nature.

She purchased some natural wooden tree blocks for her classroom. Emily Zinck, another teacher at the school, saw the blocks and loved them but thought they were pretty expensive for how many came in an order. 

She took some pictures of them and asked her newly retired husband, Terry, if he could make her something similar for students to use. Having lots of trees on their property, he found some branches that were the right size and he made her a set. She showed them to other teachers who also loved them.  Terry has ended up making about seven sets. 

“The kids love them and the tree blocks allow them to be so creative in their play,” comments Zinck.