EDI in February

In February 2020, Kindergarten teachers at all School District No. 83’s elementary schools will be given a questionnaire called the Early Years Development Instrument (EDI) to complete about each of their students.

The EDI is a questionnaire that includes questions on children’s social and emotional development, health and well-being, language and cognitive development, and communication skills. Research has shown that these domains are good predictors of adult health, education and social outcomes.

Check out short video on the EDI and the Early Years

The EDI was developed by child development experts and researchers in Canada and with the help of kindergarten teachers and school administrators, it has been used in all Canadian provinces for over two decades.

In BC, the Ministries of Children and Family Development, Education, and Health have funded the collection and use of the EDI for over 18 years.

This data is used to guide and support decision making towards improving policies, programs and services for children and families. These reports and maps are available at: http://earlylearning.ubc.ca/maps/edi/.

EDI data is not used to rank schools, students, or classes in any way.

Please click here for further EDI information.

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