Understanding the Middle Years

School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap) has partnered with the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) at the University of British Columbia to measure and promote children’s social and emotional development, health, well-being, and assets through the Middle Year Development Instrument (MDI).

The Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) is a self-report questionnaire that asks children in middle childhood about their thoughts, feelings and experiences. The MDI is the first survey of its kind to gather information about the lives of children both in school, in the home and in the community, from their own perspective. The survey questions align with the BC Ministry of Education’s K-12 curriculum, which includes a focus on promoting children’s personal and social competencies.

The Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) at UBC uses the Middle
Years Development Instrument (MDI) to understand more about children’s
thoughts, feelings and experiences inside and outside of school. The MDI
is a voluntary questionnaire that gives schools and communities valuable information about the strengths and needs of their children to be used on a population (not individual) basis and to show trends over time. It is not used to compare individual children, teachers, classrooms or schools.

Grade 4 and/or 7 students are invited to complete the MDI during class time between January 15th and February 21st, 2020.

Click here for more information and to view the questionnaires.

For parents there is also an Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by clicking here.

If you don’t want your child to participate please contact your child’s teacher, fill out the withdrawal form at the end of the parent/guardian informed passive consent letter, or contact the MDI project staff at mdi@help.ubc.ca.

Here is a short video clip with additional information about the MDI

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