Student “app” gets the nod

A student at Pleasant Valley Secondary School (PVSS) who has developed a scheduling “app” got the go-ahead at the SD83 Board of Education meeting to pilot the app with his classmates.

At the Board meeting on Tuesday, PVSS Principal Abbas El Gazzar introduced student Aidan Eglin to the Board. Aidan developed an app which allows students to easily keep track of what “day” it is, what classes they have that day, what time they start and what is due. The app also allows students and teachers to submit notes and assigned homework tasks to be viewed by everyone that is in that class.

Aidan Englin

To make the app really effective, Aidan needs access to some information from the school and district. He has been working with several members of SD83’s tech team to work out issues around the exchange of data and to ensure it didn’t breach any privacy regulations.

Once these issues were resolved, the request to pilot the app at PVSS was brought to the Board for approval. After hearing a presentation about the app from Aidan, the Board approved, in principle, the request from PVSS to transfer student timetable data from the School District server to his personal server on the following conditions:
• 2018/19 trial and may be extended to 2019/20 if project is successful;
• parent consent is given, which may be revoked at anytime (this will be an    electronic form which parents must sign);
• approval by the Manager of Information Services;
• transferred student data to be deleted July of each year.

The app also has a student calendar, which includes such information as professional development days or information added by the individual.   

The Board was very impressed with Aidan’s app. In response to questions, Aidan reported this will be a free app for students to use. 

“All that work. That is amazing,” commented Vice Chair Quentin Bruns. 

PVSS Principal Abbas El Gazzar commented that in fairness to Aidan, if the app turns out to be beneficial and helpful to students,  after the pilot project they will have to see what the next steps might be.


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