Helping salmon come home

Local students did well in a recent Adams River Salmon Society Salute to the Salmon competition. In line with the new BC school curriculum that promotes hands-on, inquiry learning, the competition posed the question “How can we help the salmon come home?”,  Superintendent of Schools/CEO Peter Jory reported to the Board of Education at its meeting at the DESC on Tuesday.

Over 6,000 students attended Salute to Salmon and there were over 100 entries in the competition, which was divided into individual and class categories.

At Shuswap Middle School, teachers Sue Whitehead and Bev Dewitt combined their 6/7 classes and the Grade 6 students created a large mural. They integrated Indigenous knowledge, showing how people are connected to the salmon, and how important the salmon run is to Indigenous culture. Meanwhile the Grade 7s took an inquiry approach and individually or in pairs, chose one of the salmon threats, researched it and created evidence of their learning, digitally. Finally, both classes wrote new verses for Tara Willard’s River Song, to reflect their overall concerns for the salmon.

At Bastion, Christine Williams’ Grade 2/3 class demonstrated, through artwork, how in their regular life, they could make changes to help the salmon.

There were also two local students entered the individual category. Dayton Massey, from SAS, decorated his skis with salmon and SMS Grade 6 student Cole Buckmeir created art around the issue of oil pollution in oceans and waterways.

As a side note, the Grade 6/7 classes at Shuswap Middle School are putting the polishing touches on their projects, to enter another contest at the coast, The Great Water Challenge, put on by Waterlutions. The students will enter both their mural and song videos, as the first two requirements. Following their participation in a webinar, they are then challenged to share their evidence of learning with other students. This completes their contest entry. Their goal is to win a field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium and “see the ocean”.

Here’s a link to a media story about the project

In other announcements, Jory thanked school staff, and especially music staff, for all the hard work that goes into the beloved concerts and performances which have, or are, taking place this month.

He also noted that there are some important activities coming up for early learners in January and February with Ready, Set, Learn events and the Salmon Arm Early Years Fair!

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