Goal setting conferences

SD83 parents and their children are being called to come talk to their teacher . . . and it’s a good thing!

Assistant Superintendent Carl Cooper explains with the province-wide move to new curriculum, SD83 has been working hard to also update assessment and reporting practices and make them as helpful and relevant as possible for students and parents.

“One of the goals of reporting to parents, is making sure that parents and students are fully informed about how their child is doing.”

One part of the new assessment and reporting protocol is happening in many of SD83’s elementary and middle schools in late November – a conference attended by parents, the child and the teacher.

At this individualized student-parent-teacher conference the focus is on the child, including areas of strength and needs, and then, together, they set learning goals for continued academic and social-emotional growth.

“A teacher, parents, and student sitting together and discussing in detail how each child is doing, and making a specific goal that all will have a role in, is the most effective way of communicating student learning but more so in improving each child’s learning,” adds Cooper.

“Our goal is to provide parents with a better way of understanding where their children are at in their learning journey and to set agreed to goals so that the school and parents can support each child in continued growth.”

He explains research indicates that this method of reporting was found to be more meaningful and informative for teachers, parents, and students.

“Last year we piloted these conferences in twelve schools and received over 80% positive feedback from parents. We will be checking in with parents again this year to ensure that this is a good use of learning time, and is supportive of your child’s learning.”

For more information about SD83’s assessment and reporting practices please contact your school principal.

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