Math Problems of the Week

These problems are designed to challenge students. The problems can be solved in a variety of ways, including using pictures or diagrams and equations.
In general, problems are written at approximately these levels:
Level 1: Primary
Level 2: Intermediate
Level 3: Middle School
Level 4: Grades 8-10
Level 5: Grades 10-12

However, these are guidelines only. You might find that one week you solve a problem at a higher level and another week, a lower level. Have fun solving these problems!

(To check your answer go to the bar across the bottom of the Math Problem you are working on and click on page 2, or you can download the pdf.)

Level 1 – Animals


Download pdf of problem here

Level 2 – Split the Clock


Download the pdf of problem here

Level 3 – Dominoes!


Download the pdf of problem here

Level 4 – Five Five’s


Download a pdf of the problem here

Level 5 – Square Root Clock


Download the pdf of the problem here