Intermediate Home Learning

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Every week you will receive information from your child’s teacher(s) about possible Home Learning Opportunities for your child. The intent is not to have families recreate a school day. Many resources will be shared but you will have the ability to choose the types of learning opportunities that will work best for your family. Teachers will be connecting with you and/or your child each week through a variety of ways including phone calls, emails, video conferencing, etc.

This week’s list of Home Learning Opportunities is very general in nature as it will allow you time to create a learning schedule at home and ease your family into the idea of home learning. In addition the some of the suggested activities below, make time to read stories, do puzzles, bake, play board games, journal, make art projects, do household chores, and spend time outside together. Please reach out for support wherever it is needed as this format of learning is new for all of us.

Website of the Week
Spend time this week looking through the helpful sections of the BC Ministry of Education’s “Keep Learning” website. Focus on the “Learning from Home” and “Everyday Learning Activities” sections. Talk as a family about the everyday learning activities that you would like to focus on this week.

Download a pdf of Intermediate Home Learning Opportunities