School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap)

Elementary Music

School District #83 has the distinction of providing specialist music instruction to ALL of its elementary school students every year! We do this because it is so important for those children – stacks of research support our belief in the value of this program and the district supports this crucial component of its students’ development.

Each school has its own special events and occasions at which the work of music classes is often featured. These occasions generally include Remembrance Day and Christmas events as well as a variety of Spring, May Day and other community related events. All of these events are intended to be as inclusive as possible. Remembrance Day assemblies, while observing the day as directed by the School Act, consistently lean towards the promotion of Peace and reflection on lives lost.

Christmas concerts and musicals generally reflect the sentiments of the season as celebrated in Canadian society and by a wide variety of faiths. It is our hope and intent that children from any background will feel welcome at all times in their music classes and at these special occasions. Over the course of several years children should sing and play music representing a wide variety of cultures and religions – an important part of preparing them for citizenship in a pluralistic society. If your family’s faith or beliefs cannot be reconciled with the teaching materials your music teacher has chosen please speak first with your music teacher. Your school Principal or District Music Supervisor Gord Waters may also be able to assist you.

All of our elementary schools are equipped with Orff instruments, other instruments and a variety of appropriate teaching resources. Some instruments, like sets of African drums, are shared between schools.
Grade 7 students (and some lucky Grade 6′s) enjoy participating in Beginning Band classes.  Band is a form of group music instruction which is especially appealing and well-suited to music students at this age and can lead to very rewarding experiences in the strong Middle and Secondary school music programs in our district. If the student in your family is already proficient at an instrument this would be an excellent opportunity to broaden their experience by learning a new one.