Message from the Superintendent

Message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents/Guardians/Caregivers:

As we approach the last days of summer, I want to express my heartfelt concern for those families who have been directly impacted by the recent wildfires. I recognize that many of our students will return to school having experienced uncertainty and trauma because of the smoke and fires across the district. I want to assure you that we are exercising care, concern, and compassion as we welcome students back to their classrooms and schools.

For those students and families who have suffered unimaginable loss over the past weeks, our hearts go out to you. The district is committed to providing your children with options and opportunities that will allow them to experience some form of normalcy amidst the uncertainty that surrounds you.

Despite the many challenges that we have faced, I’m reminded of the acts of kindness which many have demonstrated to neighbours and strangers alike. This is what makes this district such a special place to live and raise families. The goodness of humanity has served as a beacon of hope during some very dark moments.

This school year will see the initiation of a new Strategic Plan. It represents the voices we heard from across the school district in the 2022-23 school year. The words appearing within the Vision, Mission, and Values came from Rightsholders, students, parents, stakeholders, and staff. These statements and words are powerful and require us to take action as they will guide our work over the next five years, serving as a guide in all our decision-making processes.

Vision: Preparing students to become educated citizens who contribute to a dynamic, sustainable, and diverse world.

Mission: Empowering students to become confident, curious, and caring individuals who thrive in their learning, relationships, and community.

Values: Belonging, Respect, Reconciliation, Empathy, Equity, and Perseverance

We look forward to welcoming your children during the morning of Wednesday, September 6th. For the North Shuswap families, we will be anxiously awaiting the opportunity to reconnect with your children on Monday, September 11th.

I trust you will enjoy the long weekend with your family and friends. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Donna Kriger,
Superintendent of Schools