Important info for parents of bus students

Important info for parents of bus students

Are you the parent of a student who rides the school bus in SD83?

Manager of Transportation Andrea Kathrein would like you to know that specialized bus driver training is in place for all SD83 bus drivers to increase the level of safety for the students, the school bus drivers, and all those sharing the roads and sidewalks in our school district.

School District No. 83 trains school bus drivers using the Thinking Driver Training System.   “We also offer under Thinking Driver’s program umbrella, our own in-house developed courses such as Winter Driving (theory), Chain Installations (practical), Safe Loading & Unloading Procedures, Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection refreshers, Emergency Preparedness, Student Management, and a student school bus safety program.  Other training provided by qualified contractors include: Air Brakes refresher, First Aid training, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, WHMIS 2015 and Harassment in the Workplace.”

One thing that is a huge help to bus drivers is if students respect the rules of the bus to help keep everyone safer. Students will receive a Code of Conduct from their bus driver at the beginning of the school year.  Parents are to read the rules together with them, fill out and detach the bottom portion of the form and return it to their driver before September 30th. By doing this, parents and students are saying that they have read and understood the rules of the bus.  It also helps to confirm that the school district has the correct address for each student in our busing system.

Over the years several SD83 drivers also offer a bus safety program, which is presented to all kindergarten. “This is to introduce our elementary riders to the rules of riding a school bus safely.  The students really enjoy interacting with ‘Buster’, our mini remote-controlled bus, as he demonstrates the School Bus Safety Rules.”

Bus evacuation drills are also held at elementary and middle schools.

To help keep families up to date on their child’s bus information, SD83 is using a school bus app called Traversa Ride 360 (also known as Tyler’s My Ride K-12). This app is accessible on mobile devices and the web, is confidential and secure, and is fully integrated with student transportation and GPS, which allows parents and students to know where the bus is each day and provides current busing pick up and drop off times as well as their child’s bus stop location.


Please note when linking to your student the birthdate yyyy-mm-dd (must include dashes) and the Student or Pupil number requested can be found in your MyEd Family Portal or by contacting the school beginning Monday.

Safety on the Bus Program

A bus Safety Program is presented to all kindergarten and grade 4 classes within SD No. 83 schools in the fall.  This is to introduce our elementary riders to the rules of riding a school bus safel…