Spreading holiday cheer

Spreading holiday cheer

An incredible Christmas village with over 1,000 pieces has been put together for students and staff at South Broadview Elementary to enjoy!

Brett Sherwood, the daytime custodian at South Broadview Elementary spent hours and hours over the weekend to bring some holiday cheer to the school! Using over 1,000 of his own ornamental pieces and lights, Brett has created winter wonderland scenes around the school. He has been collecting the Christmas village ornaments since he was 20 years old!

“Brett put an incredible effort for the students especially to enjoy.  He has become such a treasured member of our staff.  The kids adore him,” comments school principal Heather Gobbett.

The largest scene is a magical window display in the multipurpose room that students can look at when walking by in the hallway. He has also set up displays in the library, office, learning resource room, and pod areas.

A huge holiday shout-out to Brett for making the school such an inviting and festive place!