Take Your Kid to Work Day!

Take Your Kid to Work Day!

Thank you to all the local businesses, services and agencies who hosted one of SD83’s Grade 9 students on November 2 as part of Take Our Kids to Work Day!

Take Our Kids to Work is an annual national program in which Grade 9 (or equivalent) students are hosted by parents, friends, relatives and volunteers at workplaces across the country every November. The program supports career development by helping students connect school, the world of work, and their own futures.  More than 250,000 students and 75,000 organizations take part every year across Canada, from Nunavut to Newfoundland participate in the program.

It is an opportunity for students to explore career options, through:

  • Understanding the importance of staying in school by learning first-hand what skills are required in today’s workplace
  • Thinking about what aspects of their “work day” they liked and what they didn’t
  • Exploring career options in a practical way and gain a better understanding of just how many career choices are open to them
  • By spending a day in the life of a working adult, they develop an appreciation of their parents’ work and motivations

The more students understand about the jobs of their parents and relatives, the more informed the decisions about their own future career.