Storage container cleaned in prep for rebuild of gym

Storage container cleaned in prep for rebuild of gym

Concern over gym equipment which was disposed of by Pleasant Valley Secondary School in early July has recently been raised.

Secretary-Treasurer Dale Culler wants to assure the public that this was not serviceable equipment and the disposal followed school district policy.

“The equipment which was disposed of was at the end of its life and was removed from service at the school over quite a number of years. It has been stored in an onsite portable container.”

“With the upcoming rebuild of the gym, school staff were looking for a location to store the equipment currently in use and decided it was long past time to clean out the storage container.”

“The equipment disposed was determined by staff not to be usable by our students.”

Staff followed Board Regulation 4050.02R, which sets out how surplus assets are disposed of (SD83 Policy Binder pages 133-34).

As mentioned, the storage container was being cleaned out to make room for physical education equipment currently being used by students as it will need to be stored in a new location. 

The request for proposal for the demolition of the PVSS gym will be closing soon, with plans to rebuild as soon as this is complete.

The district is planning construction of the new $15.85 million gym will begin in Winter 2023, and hopefully open for students to enjoy in Winter 2024. The gym will be constructed according to LEED Gold standards and will include energy-efficient design elements. In addition, the gym is being built with non-combustible exterior materials to make the building more climate resilient and better able to withstand a wildfire.