New school bus app for SD83

New school bus app for SD83

Are you the parent of a student who rides the school bus in SD83?

SD83 Transportation Manager Andrea Kathrein would like to let parents of bus students know that the transportation department is introducing a new school bus app called Traversa Ride 360 (also known as Tyler’s My Ride K-12).

Rather than sending bus information postcards in the mail, parents and students can now access real-time data to access bus stop locations, assigned routes, and scheduled pick up and drop off times.

This app is accessible on mobile devices and the web, is confidential and secure, is fully integrated with student transportation and GPS, and the GPS geolocation shows when to expect the bus each day.

Here is how to sign up?

Parents and students can beat the rush and sign up for the app immediately. However, please be aware the bus information for the 2022/23 school year will be subject to change over the summer, so therefore not accurate, until August 19th. Parents will not be able to choose their children’s names on the app until after August 19th.