Trees for hope!

Trees for hope!

Students were helping fight climate change in a “hands-on” way as they planted conifer seedlings!

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation arranged for all SD83 students in the Wild Schools program to take home a conifer plug to plant. The trees are part of the annual seedling over run program orchestrated by  Kalamalka Forestry Research Centre. This year the campaign was called the Trees for Hope program, to help kids feel they are able to contribute to helping fight climate change.

Around 1,200 trees of various species went home with SD83 students, who are, or were, part of the HCTF Wild Schools program. This included current schools Len Wood Middle, Salmon Arm West, Sorrento, South Canoe, and North Shuswap, plus Armstrong Elementary School, which has finished the three year Wild School program.

Teachers were given lessons regarding the value of trees to the environment including creating habitat for many critters and sequestering carbon. 

Teacher who are sponsoring Green Teams in the schools and other teachers helped organize the seedling at the school level.  HCTF facilitators, Molly Cooperman, Brenda Melynchuk, and Kim Fulton helped distribute the trees and educational activities.  Children were encouraged to make the “Lorax Pledge” and were given a Lorax sticker as a reminder.

Pledge to the Lorax and the Planet Earth

 I pledge to the Lorax and this little tree, 

I will plant you with love and plant you with glee.

I’ll give you clean water and feed you fresh air,

Lots of good soil and weed you with care.

I’ll choose a good spot with big room to grow, 

Ask for permission so everyone knows.

It’s a place for the critters to live and to nest, 

They can eat all the seeds and I’ll do my best. 

I’ll come back when I’m fifty and look what we’ve done,

Stored lots of carbon and had lots of fun!