Seamless Day pilot project at Silver Creek

Seamless Day pilot project at Silver Creek

School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap) is pleased to announce that Silver Creek Elementary School will be the location of the district’s first Seamless Day Pilot Project.

The Seamless Day initiative is a unique program that provides before and after school care for primary students and their school-aged siblings. Students connect with familiar educators throughout the day, which allows the educators to better meet the needs of the children and expand on their interests, curiosities, and wonders. The team of educators includes one classroom teacher and two Early Childhood Educators (ECEs).

“The Seamless Day Program has strong ties to the British Columbia Early Learning Framework with its vision of respectfully living and learning together,” comments Jennifer Findlay, SD83 District Principal – Early Learning. “The model is designed to enhance children’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development and benefits from the professional expertise of primary teachers and early childhood educators working together. We are very excited to work with the SD83 Seamless Day Team to make this project a reality for students and families in the Silver Creek area.”


The Ministry of Education’s objectives of the pilot project are:

· Provide children and families with quality early care and learning experiences in a single location, for the full workday, with the same caring adults in their local school;

· Improve children’s transitions to Kindergarten, support their continuity of learning, and enhance communication with families;

· Enable ECEs to work collaboratively with classroom teachers in providing high-quality early learning experiences;

· Identify areas that create barriers for schools to successfully operate Seamless Day models;

· Promote an inclusive education system so that students with diverse abilities are full participating members of a community of learners;

· Increase the number of affordable, accessible, and high-quality child care spaces offered in schools, while helping to build the future of child care required to move BC towards an inclusive universal child care system.

The location of the Seamless Day Pilot Program in SD83 was determined by a number of factors including:

· parental need for before and after school care (based on June 2021 parent survey data)

· availability of licensed child care within the community

· a school with additional space (two rooms are licensed – Kindergarten classroom plus one other)

· a Kindergarten teacher willing to be part of the pilot project

· Early Development Instrument (EDI) data

Once the program’s policies and guidelines are developed and the classroom spaces at Silver Creek Elementary are licensed by the local health authority, the program will open for registration, likely sometime in November.

SD83 gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Education to help support this early learning initiative.