School song for Bastion!

School song for Bastion!

Bastion Elementary School has a new song!

The students worked very hard to learn and perform the bilingual lyrics to the new Bastion School song, and they are excited to share the final product!

“Our music team at École Bastion Elementary School has worked SO hard to bring this together. We hired a composer, Nicholas Longstaff, who created a song just for us, based on how our students, staff and family members viewed our school community. Getting 400 students to sing in sync… was incredible,” comments Vice-Principal Laura Jégues. The song will be part of the school showcase as well as a part of its history!

She joked that she thinks the drones, which filmed the students, were the kids’ favourite part!

Here is a sample of the lyrics.
🎶 Bienvenue dans nos bois…once you’re here you are home! École Bastion!

Ici, les jeunes Bobcats aiment collaborer,
whether we’re at work or play.
Step-up to amazing…keep each other praising, laissez-nous vous inspirer!

L’amitié vit ici – the greatest place in B.C.!
où j’apprends à me trouver.
Teaching us to reach far – saisissant
notre pouvoir!
Watch us set out on our way!

Principal Joel Menzies and Vice Principal Jégues would like to thank their two fantastic music teachers, Shannon Maclaclan and Chelsea Goshulak, who worked so incredibly hard with composer Nicholas Longstaff to create this amazing piece of history for the school! They would also like to thank all the staff, volunteers and community members who helped out along the way.