M.V. Beattie issues musical challenge!

M.V. Beattie issues musical challenge!

The gauntlet has been thrown down! M.V. Beattie staff want to encourage all schools to end the year on a high note . . . or at least a musical bang! They are challenging schools to have a Battle of the Bands

Principal Gene Doray comments with all of the disappointments, frustrations, and challenges of a COVID school year, he thought it would be a good idea to share with colleagues how they continue to try to have fun as a school community.  Doray explains M.V. Beattie’s music teacher Krystine Lucas, decided to put on a “Battle of the Bands” competition for the grade three to six students.

Hearing the word “competition” quickly caused Doray to assemble the “Beattie Boys Crew” (comprised of MVB male staff members) to join the fray.  A little trash talking later, and the MV Beauties (comprised of the female staff) were formed and looking to take the Beattie Boys down a peg or two. It was decided that students would be the judge of which staff group performed the best. “Long story short, the MV Beauties won!”

However, points out Doray, the takeaway was that at the Battle of the Bands all of the students were cheering each other on, laughing and having fun. “They voted for the winning staff song, and the MV Beauties were victorious. “But only by the slightest of margins,” he adds with a grin.

He says everyone in the school had so much fun they wanted to throw the challenge out to other schools. “Who has more fun than the students and staff of M.V. Beattie? No one Or, prove us wrong!  Let’s go Hillcrest, Grindrod, Highland Park, Salmon Arm Secondary, Carlin, Eagle River, Silver Creek et al. Give it your best shot!  We will cheer you on!”

He said he knows everyone is tired, but promises this will help add a “little pep to your step”.