Entrepreneur Fair at Sorrento

Entrepreneur Fair at Sorrento

There were some unusual math, science, and art lessons with a big dash of creativity thrown in as Sorrento Elementary Grade 4-5 students came up with ideas and then marketed some products for a Young Entrepreneur Fair on April 29-30. Slime, stress balls, wooden signs, tech decks, strawberry plants, bookmarks, bath salts and more were created by the students!

Teacher Sara Haugland explains that Young Entrepreneurs is a fun Math and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activity that has students challenge themselves to come up with a product that they would be able to sell.  “Students in Division 1 and 2 at Sorrento were told about the challenge the week before spring break and had until last week to develop a product.”

Many students chose to work with a partner, but there were quite a few individual entrepreneurs as well! The fair took place outside and each division was given a thirty-minute time slot on either Thursday or Friday to take a look at all the creations and purchase some if they were interested.

During the project, students are tasked with keeping all their receipts for their product expenses, in the spirit of paying back their start-up costs. They had lessons on supply and demand, product creation, and practiced their “sales pitches” through persuasive writing activities.  They created small posters that they put up around the school encouraging others to purchase their product and had large product posters placed on their stations when outside.

She commented that on the 30th, when the fair was over, students had to add up the totals for what they spent and deduct their expenditure from their profits.  Some students reflected that they wished they had charged a bit more for their products, and others felt that they charged a bit too much and could have sold more product if the price were a bit lower.   “Most students sold out of their goods!”