Earth Day celebrations

Earth Day celebrations

Earth Day is on Thursday, April 22 and this year’s theme is “Let’s take care of the Planet”. Many SD83 schools are participating and there is a special highlight this year as a video composed and sang by one of our staff members is being used to commemorate Earth Day by the Canadian Embassy in China!

Tara Willard

The Ancient River Song was created by Tara Willard, who is an Indigenous Education Worker at North Shuswap and Sorrento schools. Willard composed this song and video and then shared it through Wapikoni, an organization that distributes a great number of Indigenous short films and videos. They recently contacted her with a request from the Canadian Embassy in China to show the video on Earth Day to promote Indigenous cultures and the need to protect the environment. Congrats Tara!

Here is the link to the song: Setétkwe (Ancient River Song) | Wapikoni mobile 

Schools have also been busy preparing for Earth Day and here are just a few examples!

A group of grade four students at South Broadview Elementary have a passion for taking care of the earth. In preparation for Earth Day these students, and principal Heather Gobbett, formed a committee and planned a school-wide effort for Earth Day, complete with student-led video tips, jokes, earth day announcement tips, and a variety of tasks for classes.

At Len Wood Middle School student class representatives have been sharing information with their classmates about the importance of trees in the environment. Principal Denise Moore explains the reps shared a powerpoint presentation and featured the great book by Dr. Seuss, “The Lorax”, which has an enduring message. The reps encouraged their classmates to choose a tree to draw and the drawings are being used by the reps to create a bulletin board with a slogan about trees. In addition, tree seedlings were given to each student at Len Wood to take home and plant, so they are doing something positive for the planet! The seedlings are donated by Jarrett Columbus at Kal Forestry. “We encouraged only students who would plant and care of their tree personally, to take the donated plugs home,” said Moore.

Science teachers reviewed the benefits of trees and showed a planting video to their classes as well. In addition, two students at the school are starting a single use plastics recycling program. “The boys will be educating the students and will have containers for each classroom. They are very passionate about their project,” says Moore.

As a tribute to Earth Day Hillcrest students will be working with their class to help clean-up our school yard. Picking up garbage, raking up tree debris, removing rocks/sticks from the field, and weeding are some of the tasks that will be completed.

At Parkview Elementary students will be doing a school-wide clean up of the grounds as well as some science. This will include a water quality experiment and a guessing game where students will look at six single use items and will get three estimates per item to see how long each one takes to decompose.

At Carlin Elementary Middle School students are also busy with Earth Day projects. Check out the Earth Art made by these young students!