Thank you to our operations staff!

Thank you to our operations staff!

Staff at the school district’s Operations Department were “tickled pink” to receive a letter this week from a class at Bastion Elementary thanking them for their efforts keeping their school safe and warm!

Each morning the students in Megan Banman’s Grade 1-2 Class have a class meeting to talk about social/emotion topics. “This is so that when they come upon a problem they have some potential ways to solve it,” explains Banman. “We talk about what to do if they see bullying,  if they feel sad or left out, or how they can improve someone’s day.  We also talk about things we love, are grateful for, or are thankful to have or do.”

“Once a month we pick a group of people we are thankful for and write them a note of thanks.   My kids noticed how many maintenance workers come here to help when we lost power on a Monday at the beginning of February.   Different district trucks kept showing up to help and my kids could see it all from the window.  They saw the electrical staff, and the ones with gravel and snow clearing equipment came out that day and they saw firsthand how they helped prevent falls and worked to get our heat back on. We were getting quite cold and had been wearing our parkas inside.”

“They also remembered about the maintenance workers that installed our water fountain so we could have cold water.”

With all this in mind, the students composed a class letter which they sent to the Operations Staff to thank them for their efforts.

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  1. Kim Fulton

    This is so important to recognize that every one is working hard to make exemplary education happen in SD 83. (and provide a positive environment for every one. We are a team and everyone is important!

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