No name calling, kindness challenge lead up to Pink Shirt Day

A kindness challenge, an art show promoting inclusiveness, diversity and kindness, and a special “no name calling” week all set the tone for Pink Shirt Day on February 24th at Len Wood Middle School. Principal Denise Moore said kindness is always a focus at the school, however they hold extra activities leading up to Pink Shirt Day.

SD83 schools will join thousands of others across Canada and the world recognizing Pink Shirt Day. This Pink Shirt Day, the focus is working together and treating others with dignity and respect with the slogan “lift each other up” and encouraging healthy self esteem and empathy, compassion and kindness.

Back at Len Wood, for “no name calling” week a representative from each class worked with staff who showed them a power point and video highlighting the importance of no name calling. The student reps then shared this information with their classmates.

The class reps gave sticky notes to each student to write down the name calling that was directed at them. These sticky notes were all put on a Len Wood Shirt and then the class talked about how hard it would be to wear these names.

The students then got a tiny pink shirt and were asked to write positive words on their pink shirt. These pink shirts were used by the class reps to create a class bulletin board.

The school’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) group held an art fair in the school library with student artwork promoting inclusiveness, diversity and kindness.

The third activity at the school to continue setting the stage for Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday is the “Kindness Challenge”. Each student is trying to do as many of the squares on the kindness challenge as they can.

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