Welcome to 2021!

Welcome to 2021!

Welcome back! We hope all of our families had a wonderful holiday!

It really does take an army to ensure the safety of our students. With the accumulations of snow last week, in addition to our school bus drivers ensuring their buses were free of snow and ready to go, our mechanics, grounds crew, snow shovellers from our custodial staff, and snow removal contractors were out doing their best to make sure that our buses were ready to run and our school sites were safe for our students and their families.

In spite of the slippery conditions in some areas of our school district today, our bus drivers were able to get students to their schools safely this morning (Monday, Jan. 4) incident free. Thank you to each and every department that worked together to make this possible.

Manager of Transportation Andrea Kathrein comments that with the onset of wintery weather, students are reminded to please dress appropriately for the weather in case they are ever required to wait longer than normal at their bus stop or on the school bus. Students are also reminded to please follow their driver’s crossing procedures should they need to cross the road at their bus stops as drivers will be watching for other motorists that may be unable to stop due to conditions. Drivers will only signal students to cross when it’s safe to do so. It is also requested that students and any parents stand three long steps back from where their bus normally stops (morning and afternoon) in case the roads are slippery and the bus slides when trying to come to a complete stop.

Although it happens very rarely, here is SD83’s information on emergency and weather closures.

Have a safe, happy 2021.

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