Safety, kindness, and plan, plan, plan

Safety, kindness, and plan, plan, plan

It was wonderful to welcome our students back to school today!

SD83 staff want to provide the best possible education program to their students with safety, patience and kindness as a priority during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Extensive planning has gone into making our schools safe in this context. Parents may be interested in reviewing safety plans, which are available for your school (check your school’s website), Transportation, Inclusive Education, School District No. 83, and the Ministry of Education.

The SD83 Return to School Safety Plan has been prepared with collaboration from many stakeholders within School District No. 83 and was approved by the Ministry of Education. 

The recently completed Stage 2 Inclusive Education Safety Plan was developed to outline how to support children with diverse learning needs as well as children’s mental health and well being during this time. While the Inclusive Education Re-Start Guidelines are written to guide our staff in supporting students with diverse needs in a school setting, there is a great deal of information that may be helpful for parents. 

Click here to read the full Inclusive Education Stage 2 Safety Plan

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