Thank you community!

The senior team at SD83 wants to thank our parents and communities for helping the first day of school “re-start” to go so well. “Our staff were delighted to have students back in our schools, and really appreciate our communities help and support,” said Superintendent of Schools Peter Jory.

Jory noted that understandably in the time leading up to school re-start there was some anxiety around students and staff returning to classes, especially after the good job that had been done in telling everyone to stay home. “However, there was excellent communication between our parents and schools, which really helped with our planning”, commented Jory. “People were patient, respectful, and thoughtful about the safety procedures.” 

The first day has gone well and the overall feeling was one of excitement to be back in session. “We think as people see the protocols that are in place and talk to others who have their children in school that the number of students attending may grow.”