They’ve arrived!

At Carlin Elementary Middle School teacher Brittany Hall is hatching baby chicks with her students . . . virtually that is.

As of Wednesday, April 29th, Hall’s Grade 2/3 students are now proud parents to one White Silkie, one Americauna and four Danish Brown Leghorns chicks (these are all Heritage breeds of chickens). Everyone is doing well!

To prepare for the chicks’ arrival students learned many things including about the incubator, candling to see if the egg is fertilized, the structure of the egg and much more.

Hall comments she first hatched chicks when she was a practicum teacher with a Grade 2/3 class a few years ago.

“It was the most amazing educational experience for the kids and so much fun! When I found out that I would have a primary class this year, I immediately reserved the incubator so that we could hatch chicks in April. “

“When it was announced that we wouldn’t be returning to our classrooms, I was really disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to hatch our chicks.”
She had planned for it to be a major part of the science curriculum along with other cross-curricular assignments in every subject area.

With the switch to a virtual classroom, Hall still wanted to go ahead. “I wanted to give the kids something to look forward to during this time; so, I decided that I would hatch the chicks in my living room instead! I posted YouTube videos all along the incubation period and asked the kids questions that they could answer on our class Teams group.”

“Our chicks started hatching at midnight on April 29th and finished hatching 14 hours later at 2 p.m.. We have six chicks all waiting for names!”

She invites people to watch the YouTube ‘Hatching Day’ video and, if you have an idea for a name for any of the chicks, put it in the comments and her class will vote on submissions. Hall will continue to post videos as the chicks grow!

You can follow their journey here:

Hatching video:

Egg Structure:

Egg update:

Putting eggs into the incubator:

Incubator Introduction:

Class Project revealed: