Happy retirement Dorry!

On March 31 the secretary at Grindrod Elementary School, Dorry Tessel, officially retired after 14 years with the school district.

Grindrod Elementary had planned a big event “Dorry Day” for her retirement, but, of course, that was cancelled because of the pandemic.

So, principal Jeff Abbott created a “virtual party” using the school’s Microsoft Teams software and invited all of the school staff to join in. 

Abbott said they projected the meeting onto one of the school’s big screens and brought in Dorry (along with the five people who were working in the building at the time with everyone spaced out appropriately) and sat her in front of the screen. 

The staff all wished her well, chatted and sang her a retirement song!  At the end they gave her a present, which was a really nice backpack and hiking poles, as she is an avid geocacher. 

Principal Jeff Abbott comments although the retirement party was unusual, and they all really missed the students, he did think it was a good send-off for Dorry and it showed the strong connections and bond between the staff at Grindrod.

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