Synopsis of March Board of Education meeting

Calendar approved for 2020-21: The Board approved in principle the District Calendar for the 2020-21 School Year. The survey for the calendar will remain open for another week.
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International Trips Cancelled: Concerned about student safety and possibly being caught in a quarantine, the Board of Trustees decided to cancel the trip planned over Spring Break for a group of Eagle River Secondary students.
Long Range Facilities Plan: The Board passed a motion extending the time frame for the LRFP survey to Monday, March 16th.
Livestreaming Board Meetings: The Board decided to do a test of livestreaming at an upcoming committee of the whole meeting. It was also discussed that any necessary policies be in place prior to moving forward with livestreaming of meetings.
Mountain Biking Academy: The Board approved the Jackson Secondary Mountain Biking Academy Program of Choice to be offered to students for the 2020-21 school year, on the condition of substantive enrollment, This proposal also had the support of the school’s PAC.
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Monitoring Board Performance: The Board passed a motion to implement the proposed Board evaluation process. The Superintendent was also asked to develop and facilitate a survey for stakeholder groups to evaluate the Board.
View proposed Board Evaluation -Stakeholder inputView Board Charter
Physical Literacy Pilot: Healthy Schools and Self-Regulation Coordinator Laura Paiement informed trustees that research indicates that increased physical movement is the most transformative thing you can do for children’s health and academics. To help local students increase their physical literacy, Paiement and teachers Will Fazan and Tiffany Lombart have joined with community partners to develop PLAY Shuswap. The group’s goals are to develop the ability to participate in activities for life, support healthy brain development, improve self esteem, enhance social connectedness and promote resilience and well-being.
View the presentation here.
View ParticipACTION Report
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Middle School Literacy Intervention Pilot Project: Literacy Intervention Coordinator at Shuswap Middle School Morgen MacDonald informed trustees about the literacy intervention program at Shuswap Middle School. She discussed how the program, limited as it is, has helped students achieve reading at a grade 5.5 level, at which time they “graduate” from the program. She also shared video clip testimonials from the students who were part of the program.
View Middle School Literacy Pilot Project Presentation here
View supporting data here
Superintendent’s announcements: Superintendent Peter Jory congratulated Elijah Lazar, who won gold a the recent B.C. Secondary School Wrestling Championships and the entire SD83 wrestling team was also recognized. Another successful elementary school art fair took place at Piccadilly Mall last week with thousands of pieces of artwork on display. Also, over 350 students had the opportunity to work with local artisans at workshops duirng the fair. Also last week was the Hometown Hockey Assembly was held at Shuswap Middle School. Students completed over 7000 math problems in the weeks leading up to the assembly.
Partner Committees: The Board passed a motion permitting the attendance of trustee representatives at municipal council committees for the purpose of fostering greater awareness on matters that may affect school district governance, planning and operations.
Student Shadow Board: Student Sebastian Nyeste presented a report on vaping to trustees.
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Climate Action Belief: The Board decided to move this item to the Committee of the Whole meeting for discussion about updating policy and possibly forming an advisory committee.

Dates to Remember
Friday, March 13 – Last Day before Spring Vacation (March 16-27)Spring Vacation March 16-27Monday, March 30  – Schools re-openFriday, April 10  – Good FridayMonday, April 13  – Easter MondayTuesday, April 21 – Board of Education meeting at Eagle River Secondary at 6 p.m.Thursday, April 30 – Public Budget Meeting at 6 p.m. at DESC

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