The history of games

It was a different type of gaming station than most kids are used to playing but it was extremely popular all the same!

Students at Highland Park Elementary were treated to a rather unique history lesson in a workshop that concluded with board games and story time led by SD83 retired teacher librarian Wilf Pauls.

Teacher Librarian Michele Lee described the workshop as incredible. “I had him work with the grade three to five classes at Highland Park and they all loved it. They even came in before school, at recess and lunch to get some more playing time,” she added.

Paul’s talked to the students about the history of some board games he has collected, including information about the cultures where the games originated.

Pauls demonstrated the games and then stations were set up where students had the time to play four or five different games.

At the end of the presentation Pauls read his new book, The Crokinole Kid, to students. The book is based on his grandson learning to play crokinole and going to the BC Crokinole championships with his grandfather.

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