Chosen for art jury

After a successful application for M.V. Beattie’s “Yi7élye – This Place” inquiry project, Vce-Principal Mishel Quaal received an email asking if she would consider being an ArtStarts grant jury member.

Quaal said she was thrilled to join the other four jury members from BC and bring an Indigenous educators perspective. The jury is comprised of one other educator, a visual artist, a story teller, an interdisciplinary artist and Quaal. The five will determine which schools in the province receive an Artists in the Schools grant.

Right now she is looking at all the applications to see if they meet the grant criteria and will enhance student learning. Early in December she will go to Skwachàys Indigenous Art Lodge to meet with other jury members to determine who will receive grants.

Don’t worry! SD83 won’t miss out because we have a person on the jury. If there are applicants from SD83 they will still be considered, but just judged by the other members of the committee!