ASL workshop

In a fun, engaging workshop a group of kindergarten to grade 4 students from School District No. 83 took part in an American Sign Language (ASL) activity day at the District Education Support Centre (DESC).

The workshop was led by John Warren and Terry Maloney, who are both from the B.C. Provincial Outreach Program Deaf and Hard of Hearing (POPDHH).

Kristina Baker, the district’s teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, organized the workshop and said it went very well with the young students participating in a variety of fun ASL games and activities while learning some important information. “John and Terry are amazing and were great with the kids.”

The workshop’s focus was the importance in effective, visual communication. “Even for kids that don’t sign there is a lot of importance in accessing information visually when you hear differently.”

They also talked about how adaptive technology and equipment which Deaf and Hard of Hearing people use such as vibrating alarm clocks and doorbells that flash a light within the house.