Synopsis of Board Meeting

Long Range Facilities Plan Consultation Timeline

A long range facilities plan consultation timeline was approved by the Board of Education at its meeting at Carlin Elementary Middle School on Tuesday, November 19. The planned timeline, which will kick into high gear in January, will include multiple meetings around the school district, as well as the opportunity to provide input via email or through a survey. To go along with regional consultations, there will also be meeting with the First Nations Education Council, Partner Group, and local government. There will be a second round of consultation if/where necessary. Specific dates and locations for the consultation process will be organized and shared over the next several weeks. Information and ideas gathered from these consultations will guide trustees as they develop the district’s 10 year long term facilities plan.

SD83 District Pride

An impassioned presentation from student Fiona Young pointed out that 64 per cent of LGBT+ youth in B.C. do not feel safe in school. She talked about SD83’s strengths, including believing in safe spaces, having wellness goals and adopting the SOGI curriculum. She also mentioned weaknesses such as LGBT+ youth are still targets of some other youth. She showed trustees two recent examples, stressing the need for actions to be taken. She had some suggestions for the Board about actions that could show support, including painting a Pride crosswalk, having a Pride flag, increasing SOGI resources, and possibly offering more inservice on supporting the SOGI curriculum and participating in International Pride activities. The Board thanked Fiona for the presentation and passed a motion asking senior leadership to investigate the costs and logistics of the actions. Information will be presented to the Board for further discussion.

Alternate Education Update

Director of Instruction (Inclusive Education) Carol-Ann Leidloff reported to the Board that the review of the alternate education program is proceeding well. A committee was formed in June. Since then a work plan has been developed, graduation rates, demographics, trends, and concerns have been reviewed. Storefront students have been interviewed and the ISP focus group discussions have been completed. The group has more steps planned including conducting parent and community agency surveys, hosting Indigenous Education Department focus group discussions, and looking at best practices in some other districts. Leidloff is planning coming back to the Board with recommendations early in the New Year.

International Education Update

District Principal of International Education Rob MacAulay gave the Board an update on rolling out SD83’s new international education program. He commented that much work has been done on developing an identity for the school district. He said management software has been purchased, entry targets are set, the legal documents are in place, and he is connecting with homestays and agents. He added that a lot of the foundational work is now close to being complete and he is moving more into the educational part. “We want a great match for everyone involved.”

MyEd BC update

Reid Findlay, District Principal and the project lead for SD83’s move to MyED BC (a student data management system) updated the Board on progress of this very major change. The move to MyED BC from the district’s current system, CIMS, means not only retraining staff and casual staff, but also moving large amounts of demographics, scheduling and other data from one system to the other. Some districts, including SD83 were hesitant to move to MyEd but were facing fines by the Ministry, which wanted all districts to be on the same system. The four districts currently using CIMS will be onboarded to MyEd BC over the winter break and will use the new system in January.

Remuneration set

In accordance with Board policy trustee remuneration is to be reviewed annually and an adjustment only to the base remuneration becomes effective December 1 of each year. The adjustment will reflect the BC Consumer Price Index change from the previous year. Secretary-Treasurer Alanna Cameron reported to the Board the CSI change was 2.7 per cent. After considerable discussion about whether they should follow the policy or go with 2 per cent, it was decided to stay within the policy, especially given the difference was less than $40. The Board passed a motion to approve an an increase to the trustee remuneration of 2.7 per cent.

Inashiki Exchange

The Board of Education passed a motion stating that the Inashiki exchange would be supported in the same manner as other district field trips, which means it will be self-funded. It was noted that the 29 year exchange has, and will hopefully continue to have, very positive impacts in the district. Trustees honoured the hard work which has gone into developing the exchange, as well as the strong relationships developed with Inashiki, but noted there was an equity issue.

PVSS Trip Cancelled

The Board of Education also rescinded a motion giving approval in principle to a planned Pleasant Valley Secondary School trip to Italy and Greece in March 2020. The trip will now be privately-sponsored and not affiliated with PVSS or the school district.

School Improvement Plans

The Board of Education received the School Improvement Plans for all schools in the district. Each year, schools are expected to go through a school improvement planning process and submit a document that represents the planned work to the Board of Education. Using a district template and working with staff and stakeholders, a draft plan is submitted in June and a final document is provided in September. The plan is posted on the school websites and shared with trustees. Superintendent of Schools/CEO Peter Jory noted the intent of the school plan is to be authentic and responsive, rather than polished and static. He added that there will be a focus on increasing the intentional use of data in upcoming school improvement plans.

Substance misuse supports

In response to a question at a previous Board meeting, Carol-Ann Leidloff, Director of Instruction Inclusive Education, provided information to the Board on the substance misuse supports available in SD83. The update included information about personnel available as well as programs and curricular connections.


The Board gave first reading to the policy on Trustee Professional Learning, and returned the policy for Spectator Code of Conduct back to the Policy Committee for further revision. Second and final reading was given to policies on Monitoring Board Performance and Budget Monitoring and Reporting.

Committee of the Whole

Earlier in the day the Board held a Committee of the Whole meeting where discussions were held regarding the consultation timeline for the Long Term Facilities Plan, a process for Board Self-Evaluation, and update on the Board Charter. A Committee of the Whole meeting is open to staff and the public to observe. These types of meetings provide the Board of Education an opportunity to discuss an issue before bringing recommendations/motions to a regular Board of Education meeting.

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