Board begins Long Range Facilities Plan

The Board of Education adopted the draft 2020-29 Long Range Facilities Plan and will now begin the work of looking at all options, consulting, and then determining which of the options will actually become part of its final plan. The Board is open to discussions on options contained in the report as well as any other options potentially arising during the consultation process.

The Board decided that a series of regional consultation meetings on the Long Range Facilities Plan will soon be organized and advertised so the public can have input into the development of the final plan. Written submissions to the Board are also being encouraged.

View the draft Long Range Facilities Plan 2020-2029 here

The Board also had a discussion around what ideal grade configuration might be, keeping in mind the realities of the district’s facilities and locations.

At the Board meeting on Tuesday, Bill Low of Cascade Facilities Management Consultants Ltd., president of Cascade Consulting and a professional planner and engineer, went over key items in the draft report and answered trustee questions.

Bill Lowe, Consultant

View Low’s PowerPoint here

He drew trustees attention to the enrolment projection for 2010 to 2030 where the three enrolment projections (from BC Stats, Baragar and Ministry of Education) vary. “Projecting enrolment is more of an art than a science,” he commented. For the plan, he noted he used the average of the three projections.

View enrolment vs capacity graphs

Over the summer Low toured the facilities in SD83 to put together the draft plan and provide the Board with some options. The comprehensive plan outlines long range facilities plan requirements from the ministry, existing infrastructure and programs, community demographics enrolment projections and school capacities, and analysis of educational need.

From this information, Low put together some options and recommendations and some suggested techniques for evaluating and shortlisting of options for the Board to consider.