Five more sleeps until school starts!

Is your young child anxious about heading to school? Are you wondering why your child is on a gradual entry program?

It is natural for a young child to feel anxious about the start of a new school year comments Principal of Early Learning Jennifer Findlay and she would like to share some resources which may be of help, as well as explain how SD83 uses the gradual entry system to ease the transition into school for our youngest students!

Findlay explains that in SD83, Kindergarten children are welcomed into their new school at the beginning of September by their classroom teacher, other key staff members and our StrongStart Facilitators.

Students will attend in small groups and/or for shorter periods of time (gradual entry model) based on the schedule sent home to parents.

The gradual entry model in Kindergarten is used in order to best support your child as they begin a new journey of exploration and learning. This model provides opportunities for teachers and other staff members to get to know your child better and build a strong foundation for a smooth and positive transition into the Kindergarten school setting.

Students need time to get to know their teacher, learn about and practice the classroom routines, explore the learning environment and school community, and connect with their new classmates, adds Findlay.

She notes it also provides parents time to ask questions and calm any fears or anxieties. This model strengthens relationships between the teacher, your child, and your family and supports a positive beginning to school.

Please contact your child’s school if you have specific questions about the gradual entry schedule for your Kindergarten child.

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