Progress is being made

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

I am pleased to report we have had a productive year in School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap). Substantial progress has been made on the Strategic Plan. Our operating plans for Education, Communications, and Education Technology have been approved by the Board and are being actioned, with a Wellness Plan to follow shortly. Our Policy Framework revision is well underway. We have also hosted a number of parent information sessions on the revised Graduation Program, New Curriculum, Numeracy, and Literacy, which seemed to be well attended and appreciated. 

As well, we have progressed in a number of key administrative areas, including performance appraisals, minutes of instruction, volunteer driver expectations, and school fees. All of these recent changes bring us in line with provincial expectations, and will support our continued growth as an effective and accountable learning organization that is charged with the safety and education of your children. 

The fees conversation has been particularly rewarding. As a school district, we should have some consistency in the way we do business. This should be balanced with the recognition of local differences and the ability to make some choices within each unique context. We also need to promote equity and keep supply costs away from our families. I am grateful for the Board’s support in putting substantial funding back into our schools, so that our excellent middle exploratory and secondary elective programs can continue without fees to parents. 

Next year we will place even more attention on curriculum adoption and improving our overall student achievement, with a keen focus on our Indigenous learners. Early indications hint at improved results, but there is still much work to be done on this front. More structured support across the entire system is being organized, and we will be making some significant moves in regard to improving numeracy skills, including a full-time principal charged with this portfolio. I look forward to sharing results when they are available in the coming year. 

As the school year winds up, teachers, principals, students, and (of course) parents and guardians will be working hard to make sure everything gets done as it should. I wish everyone the best over the next two weeks, and whatever summer looks like for you, I hope that it is happy and safe and you get a chance to relax with family. 


Peter Jory,
Superintendent of Schools/CEO