All for Jump Rope for Heart

Armstrong’s Highland Park Elementary school principal Rob Ellis agreed to kiss a farm animal if students raised more than $4,000 for Jump Rope For Heart.

The students raised $6,362, which teacher organizer Michelle Dolinar told students at an assembly on June 12th brought the school to a 13 year total of over $76,000. Amazing!

In the build up to Wednesday’s celebration, Principal Rob Ellis wasn’t told what the farm animal would be . . . to his shock it was Willow the Llama, owned by Kelly Brown.

Before the llama came in the students were instructed on how to silently show their enthusiasm using jazz hands and silent cheers.

Willow, who is a frequent visitor to the IPE, was quite at home in the school gymnasium and even gave Ellis, who had been prepped by teacher librarian Michele Lee with bright red lipstick, a couple of kisses! Then, much to the delight of students, she strolled through the gym with her owner to greet all the students!

Armstrong principal puckers up to llama from Vernon Morning Star

Here is a link to the live Facebook video from Vernon Morning Star.