Policy updates

The roles and responsibilities of the vice-chairperson, trustee remuneration and expenses, and sexual orientation and gender identity were just some of the policies dealt with at the Board of Education meeting at the DESC on Tuesday.

This is the first time the district has a policy specifically outlining the role of the vice-chairperson. The new policy was initiated when current Vice-Chairperson Quentin Bruns commented that if the vice-chairperson receives a larger stipend than a regular trustee there should be greater expectations for the position. Input was gathered and a draft policy put together by the policy committee, which includes such specific responsibilities as acting on behalf of the Board Chairperson, in the latter’s absence, agenda setting, alternate signing authority for the District, and other duties as assigned by the Board Chairperson. This policy received first reading.

The Board gave second and final reading to Policy 136 – Trustee Remuneration and Expenses, which was originally adopted last July. Some revisions were made to this policy to amend remuneration in the rural zones.

It now states that the remuneration for Board Chairperson will be $16,500, Vice-Chairperson is $15,000 and Trustees are $13,500. In recognition of the additional travel required of trustees responsible for the rural zones there will be $250 for North Shuswap, Sorrento and Carlin, and $500 each for the trustee in the area of Sicamous, Malakwa, Enderby and Grindrod and for the area of Armstrong, Spallmcheen, Falkland, Silver Creek and Ranchero. Originally it was set at $500 for the first and $1,000 for the other two areas but trustees decided to lower the amount.

Board Policy 131 – Roles and Responsibilities of the Board Chairperson was approved for second and final reading. This policy was originally adopted in July 2018 and has just received some minor rewrites.

Board Policy 121 – Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity was approved for second and final reading. This policy was originally adopted by the Board in 2015 but needed some updating.

Board Policy 130 – Rights and Responsibilities of the Board and Policy 132 – Roles and Responsibilities of Individual Trustees were revised slightly after being looked at by the Policy Committee as part of the policy framework review process. Both received second and final reading.

Board Policy 133 – Trustee Code of Conduct, Board Policy 134 – Trustee Conflict of Interest, and Board Policy 135 – Trustee Attendance were also updated with some minor rewriting and received second and final reading. One change to the Trustee Attendance is a guideline in case of a vacant seat, which states the Board will determine whether or not a by-election will be required to fill the seat.