A running good time!

Over 1,100 students in kindergarten through grade 7 took part in the district’s annual cross country run, the Little Mountain Stomp, at Field of Dreams in Salmon Arm on Thursday, May 9.

Assistant Superintendent Carl Cooper, part of the event’s organizing team, said he was thrilled with the participation and the positive examples of sportsmanship displayed at the run. He added there was good participation at all age levels but the largest group was the grade 3-4 girls with 209 runners!

“It was a fun day with many positive comments by participants, parents and staff,” he commented. He said one positive thing about the races was the addition of the gate at the far end of the field, ‘Harrison’s Gate’, which meant there was more room for runners as they head into Little Mountain Park.

Race Results:
K Girls – 1st Tola Heckrodt (Bastion), 2nd Reese Abel (Falkland), 3rd Emma Long (Bastion), 4th Eden Navratil (Sorrento), 5th Leanne Kruger (Bastion), and 6th Kaela Brouwer (Sorrento).

K Boys – 1st Jake Olineck (Bastion), 2nd Connor West (Hillcrest), 3rd Cole Jacobs (Bastion), 4th Lucas Bellman (Heritage Christian), 5th James Lipinski (Falkland) and 6th Ryker Johnson (Highland Park).

1-2 Girls – 1st Laila Martin (Silver Creek), 2nd Enia Marosi (North Shuswap), 3rd Journey Vandergrift (Bastion), 4th Olivia Worton (Hillcrest), 5th Anika Giesbrecht (Bastion) and 6th Hailey Payne (South Broadview).

1-2 Boys – 1st Cody Baird (Highland Park), 2nd Arlo Heckrodt (Bastion), 3rd David Schewa (South Broadview), 4th Hayden West (Hillcrest), 5th William Drapala (Highland Park), and 6th Reed McKinnon (Bastion).

3-4 Girls – 1st Reese Major (Hillcrest), 2nd Simone Whitebread (Armstrong Elementary), 3rd Eden Goldberg (Bastion), 4th Sarah Popowich (Armstrong Elementary), 5th Kruz Seward (Ranchero), and 6th Kira Cadden (Bastion).

3-4 Boys – 1st Jaden Stocher (Grindrod), 2nd McGuire Menzies (Bastion), 3rd Connor Johnson (Highland Park), 4th Wyatt Stowards (Highland Park), 5th Ian Orchard (Bastion), and 6th Ari Hutchison (Bastion).

5-6 Girls – 1st Janelle Kalf (Kings), 2nd Georgia Rands (M.V. Beattie), 3rd Ila Isaac (Len Wood), 4th Sierra Dorward (Len Wood), 5th Lucy King (Bastion), and 6th Denali Forsyth (Shuswap Middle).

5-6 Boys – 1st Kian Smith (Bastion), 2nd Walter Bullen (South Canoe), 3rd Ben Tudan (Kings), 4th Matthew West (Hillcrest), 5th DJ Crowe (Armstrong Elementary), and 6th Benjamin Roodzant (Kings).

7 Girls – 1st Tianna Zuidhof (Kings), 2nd Cheyenne Lorne (Kings), 3rd Hazel Brooks (SMS), 4th Emma Muddiman (Ranchero), 5th Samantha Peterson (SMS), and 6th Grace Cross (SMS).

7 Boys – 1st Nathan King (SMS), 2nd Jonathan Breugem (Kings), 3rd Bobby Siddons (Len Wood), 4th Ben Milne (SMS), 5th Mathew Blacklock (Carlin), and 6th Lucas Hansen (SMS).

Cooper thanked Salmon Arm Mayor Alan Harrison for being the race starter.

He also thanked the coaches, meet organizers, facilities staff and Salmon Arm City’s crew for the help. “There were lots of volunteers and the saying many hands makes light work was very true for this event.”

He also thanked students and parents for leaving Field of Dreams so clean. “The site was immaculate. The parents, kids and volunteers did an excellent job of cleaning up.”